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Hi! I'm passionate about plant-based recipes and I consider myself the experiment of my life. I am based in Seattle, where the great outdoors is always just around the corner.
On my site, I share my simple, plant-based recipes along with my love for clean beauty, outdoor family activities, camping, hiking and more.
I grew up suffering from chronic sinus infections, chronic bronchitis and constant cough and congestion not knowing what was causing it. I got interested in healthy food because I found out I am sensitive to milk which caused most of my pain and suffering. That left me with limited food options as I had to exclude many of my favorites from my diet. My own experience with those chronic conditions pushed me to expand my diet options. Plant based, gluten free lifestyle with plenty of raw salads, raw superfood chocolate, raw homemade plant based milks, and raw homemade cheeses, wraps, crackers, smoothies and juices is what I trusted to restore my health. I am a Web Designer and it only made sense to create a website to share my health-driven lifestyle with others. When I am not in the kitchen or working on web design projects (You can learn more about my services here), I usually am camping, hiking and spending as much time as possible outdoors with my husband and 3 kids, I love to hear from you, and hope you enjoy bringing my dishes to your own tables!

 xx, Elena